Introduction to Reviews

Hello, my name is Laura, welcome to my blog, A Book Lover’s Dream.  I created this site because books are my absolute passion.  My intention for the site is for readers to be able to immerse themselves in the world of books and reading.  I love to be able to provide information for readers as they take this journey through the discovery of authors and books.

If you are an author, or a publisher, I am currently accepting books for review.  I mostly review New Adult books, however I will sometimes review a Young Adult story.  If you would like to send a book for a review, please fill-out and submit the Request Form.  I also recommend a visit to my Goodreads account in order to get a sense of my writing style and also my interests.  I also recommend visiting my Star Ratings Post in order to understand my ratings as well.

I will accept books from many different genres.   Specifically, I will accept the following genres:

  • Contemporary,
  • Paranormal,
  • Western,
  • Fantasy, 
  • Comedy, and
  • Science Fiction.

 I also enjoy reading the following sub-genres:

  • LGBTQ,
  • Erotic,
  • BDSM,
  • Daddy Dom,
  • Alphas,
  • Menage, and
  • Anti-Heroes.

I will not be reviewing themes about death and dying, taboo, torture, as well as rape.

My reviews are very well developed, honest, and thorough.  I am a former teacher, so..details are my specialty!  I always write a detailed review for each and every ARC book and Beta Read that I receive.  I always finish each book prior to a review, and, will never include a dnf as a review.  I will always write what I liked about the book, and be very diplomatic about what just didn’t work for me, as well as possible suggestions.  I will also always ask each author, as to the specifics of what they’re looking for in a review, aside from the basics.  I will post my review on GR, Amazon and also Barnes & Noble, if requested.

I will accept ARC/Beta Reads in print, or in ebook (pdf or mobi) formats.

I will also be adding additional services within the next couple of weeks.  So, stay tuned!  🙂

..please share the love..

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