About Me

Hi!  Welcome to my book blog!  My name is Laura, and, of course, books are my passion.  For this reason, I decided to create this blog for fellow readers, authors, as well as for publishers.

The name of this blog, as you can probably already tell, is called, “A Book Lover’s Dream Book Blog.”  As books have this indescribable hold and pull on a reader, they draw the reader into worlds that are not only beautiful and amazing, but, also heartbreaking and devastating.  Speaking for myself, not a day goes by where I don’t find myself involved somehow with a book or my blog.  This is what I wanted for fellow readers to be able to experience.  The World of Books.

This blog will contain many different things.  It will contain book reviews, upcoming books, information on author appearances, author interviews, and so much more!

Once again, I welcome everyone to my interpretation of The World of Books.  Enjoy yourself, find a new book, discover a new author, and, immerse yourself in a new dream filled with new friends and exciting new places..:)







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